The Arrowsmith Tennis Club is a Vancouver Island community club whose members come from the Oceanside area - Nanoose Bay, Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Bowser - and beyond. The membership consists of all age groups including juniors (see under Juniors), but is weighted towards the retirement age. For members who cannot play during the day or prefer to play when the sun is lower in the sky, there is evening tennis on Monday and Wednesday from 6:00 to 8:00, May through August. Court conditions permitting, play takes place all twelve months of the year. Of course, the weather often puts a damper (quite literally) on things in the winter, but depending on the year there are often quite a few days when the weather is good enough for outdoor tennis even in January.

The Club is fortunate in being able to use five of the six excellent community courts behind the Springwood School in Parksville and two of the three scenically situated courts on Veterans Way in Qualicum Beach. The times at which the Club has courts reserved in both Parksville and Qualicum Beach are listed under the Court Times tab. Play at these times is on a drop-in basis and tends to be doubles. In the evening, play is either singles or doubles.

During the summer season, in addition to the daily drop-in tennis, the Club organizes a number of social events and tournaments for singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

If you want to become a member, please see the information under Membership.

Visitors and prospective new members are welcome to participate up to two times free of charge. After that, they are expected to pay the annual fee as listed under the Membership tab.

For other Club information, please contact

Sue Wilson
phone: 250.248.7280

Summer Schedule

April 1 - October 31

Springwood Courts

behind (to the west of) Springwood School, 450 Despard Ave., Parksville

Court Times

Mon TueWedThu FriSatSun
8-10Open Open OpenOpen
10-12 Open Open Reg'd Mixed, Open Open
12-2 IntermediateIntermediate Intermediate
2-4Open Open Shootout, Open
6-8Singles, Doubles Singles, Doubles

Qualicum Beach Courts

Veterans Way, Qualicum Beach

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Courts 1 and 2, 9:00 am - noon, pre-arranged games.

* * * * *

Court Etiquette. All members should show courtesy and consideration while on and off the courts.
Click HERE for details.

Explanations Related to Court Times

Scheduled Tennis Activities. The Club's main scheduled tennis activities are the Open and Intermediate sessions at Springwood listed in the Court Times table above. If you are not sure which of these to attend, why not try them both? Also, see 'Categories of Play' below.

For all sessions listed in the Court Times table, the Club has reservations for Courts 2 to 6, with exceptions in certain months as detailed below. Play during reserved times is drop-in most of the time.

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Sign-up. The underlined entries in the Court Times table are links to pages on which you can sign up for these events, or cancel if you have already signed up. You must be a Club member to be able to sign up. If you sign up, you are expected to be on the court promptly at the beginning of the sign-up period. Otherwise, you will forfeit your reservation.

For the MWF Intermediate tennis, the sign-up is effective only until the end of the first play session at 12:40. After that, players are exchanged on all courts as explained under 'Court Changes' below..

The purpose of the signup for the 10:00 am Open tennis is to provide a means to communicate to other players that some people will be on the courts at this time. Court exchanges are carried out as described below.

Players may sign up for an event or cancel up to 2 hours before the start of the event. Depending on the event, one can sign up for a week or more in advance.

Signing up is required for the Registered Mixed Doubles on Saturday and the Shootout on Friday. However, signing up can be useful for all events in several ways, e.g., when only few players are expected, as in the evening, or when the weather is uncertain.

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Categories of Play

  • Open. For all players, from beginners to advanced. The Open sessions allow ladies', men's, mixed doubles, 3 and 1, singles or practise hitting. However, if courts are needed for doubles, doubles has priority over singles or just hitting balls. Iff there are players present who want to play doubles and do have enough partners to form a four-some, singles players are expected to either join them to form a doubles four-some or use the public Court 1.

    Players playing doubles change courts after completing a set. For more about court changes, see below.
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  • Intermediate, MWF 11:50-2. Play during this period is for players at the intermediate level or above. The 11:50-2 period is divided into a 10-min warm-up session from 11:50-12:00 and three 40-min play sessions. Players change courts after each 40-min session as explained in more detail below under 'Court Changes'. Play is doubles, except for extra incomplete foursomes who might play singles or Australian doubles. If only a single player is extra at 11:50, s/he is to be folded in on one of the other courts. The same applies if a single player is waiting at the 40-min change points.

    One can sign up for Courts 4 - 6 for the 11:50 - 12:40 period: Court 4 for ladies' doubles, Court 5 for men's doubles, and Court 6 for 'mixed' doubles. If Courts 4 or 5 are fully signed up while Court 6 is not, additional ladies or men may sign up on Court 6 in which case the composition on Court 6 may end up being 3:1 or 4:0. After 12:40 courts are changed as described under 'Court Change' below, and there is no more sign-up.

    It is expected that players who sign up for the Intermediate Tennis will stay for all three 40-min play sessions even though they can sign up for only the first session. Otherwise, the court changes will not work well.

    For the court changes to work, the courts should be filled at 11:50 from Court 6 on down. If any of Courts 4 to 6 are not fully signed up, they should be filled with players who have not signed up or players should regroup themselves so that the courts are filled from Court 6 on down.

    Courts 2 and 3 are open to everybody.
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  • Registered Mixed Doubles, Saturday 10-12. Courts 2 and 3 are reserved for registered mixed doubles. The remaining courts, 4-6, are for Open play. During the Registered Mixed Doubles session, teams stay together during the entire 2-hour session, but change courts after completing a set, similar to what is done in the Open sessions but without breaking up the teams.

    Players must sign up for this event.
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  • Singles, Doubles on M,W evenings from 6 pm onward. These sessions can be used for any kind of play, singles, doubles, practice hitting or a coaching session.

    The evening sessions start on Monday, May 2, and continue to at least the end of August. You are encouraged to sign up for these sessions.
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  • Shootout, Friday 2:00 - 4:10. The Shootout is competitive play at the 3.5 level or above in which every game won counts. The total number of games won by a player during a 2-h Shootout is recorded and added to the number of games won on previous Fridays during the given month. The total score is reset to 0 at the beginning of a new month.

    For a definition of the 3.5 level and the other NTRP ranking levels, click on the link in the preceding paragrah or look under Links on this website. Up to 12 players can participate in the Shootout, and Courts 2, 3, and 4 are reserved for this event, 2-4:10 pm on Fridays. The remaining Courts 5 and 6 are for Open play during this time. The Shootout begins on Friday, May 6.

    Details on the organization of the Shootout.

    Players must sign up for the Shootout so that they can enter their scores into the system. Also, it is important to know if room is still available on a given Friday. More than 12 players will not be accommodated, and if fewer than 4 players are present, the Shootout will be canceled.

    The Shootout starts punctually at 2:00 pm with a a 10-min warm-up followed by three 40-min sessions. Players take up courts in the order of their average scores for the current month, using Courts 4, 3, and 2 if more than 8 players are signed up or Courts 3 and 2 if 8 or fewer players are signed up, starting from Court 4 or Court 3, respectively. Players arrange themselves on a court so that opposing teams are roughly balanced.

    Players are expected to participate in all three sessions. At the end of each 40-min session, each player gets a number of points equal to the number of games won, and a player's total score for the day will be the sum of the points earned in the three 40-min sessions.

    Players record their scores on the website by clicking on the Shootout link in the table under the Schedule tab. A score must be recorded at the latest by noon of the Friday following the Friday on which the score was earned.

    It is not necessary that the same players participate every Friday. Of course, the more often one participates the more likely it is to achieve a high score for the given month.

    At the end of each 40-min session, players change courts as in the MWF 12-2 sessions. Players who are on the same team in one session play on opposite sides of the net in the next session. If there are only two players on Court 2 (playing singles), they trade places with the team on Court 3 that obtained the lower score. If there are three players on Court 2 (playing Australian), the player with the lowest score remains on Court 2 while the two players with the higher scores trade places with the team on Court 3 with the lower score. In case there is one extra player, s/he is rotated in on Court 3 after every game played. The scoring in all cases is one point for every game won, whether playing singles or doubles.

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Court Changes

  • Open. Courts are changed at the end of a set, by calling 'Court' after completing a set. If the other courts are still in the middle of a set, the players on the court on which a set has been completed will start a new set, but stop and change courts as soon as a set is completed on another court and 'Court' is called.

  • Intermediate. Courts are being filled from Court 6 on downward punctually at 11:50. At 12:40 and 13:20, players change courts. During each 40-min session, play is continuous regardless of the score so that the score at the end of the session might be 8:5. At the end of a session, the team with the higher score moves to the next higher court and the team with the lower score to the next lower court, except that the team with the higher score on Court 6 will remain on that court and, similarly, the team with the lower score on the lowest court will remain on that court.

    Team mates in one session will split up and be on opposite sides of the net in the following session.

    After this player exchange and before beginning the new session, any extra players (1, 2 or 3) who are not part of a complete foursome get folded in as follows. First, gaps are filled that might arise if players drop out at the end of a session. If after filling all gaps extra players remain who need a spot, they should change places with the lower-score players on the lowest court. If necessary, it will be decided by spinning a racket who has to step aside for the next 40-min period. If gaps are remaining on more than one court after all extra players have moved in, the courts with gaps will consolidate so that at most one court with fewer than four players remains.

    It makes for more enjoyable tennis if the players on a court are matched. Players are encouraged to keep this in mind when teams are arranged.

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Drop-in Play. Play is on a drop-in basis for all categories, except the Registered Mixed Doubles, the Shootout, and the Sign-up sessions on Courts 4-6 on MWF 12-12:40.

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Reduced Court Availabilty

  • From May 5 through June 20, Monday - Friday, the Springwood School may occasionally require Courts 1 - 3 for tennis lessons. The School has priority on the courts during those times.
  • From July 6 to August 21, Courts 1 - 4 are reserved for the RDN Summer Tennis Camp from 9 am until noon. During this period, only Courts 5 and 6 are available for Tuesday, Thursday morning Open play.

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Ball Machine. The Club has a Silent-Partner ball machine which is being kept in the Club's storage room. All Club members (juniors only under supervision of an adult Club member) are free to use the machine if they are familiar with its operation AND the Club's rules for using it. Let somebody who has used the machine before explain it to you and/or consult the operation manual for the machine. The machine, if used improperly, can cause severe injuries. When the machine is ON, ALWAYS watch the balls coming out of the machine and NEVER stand directly in front of the machine. The machine can fire balls at 95 mph or 152 km/h!

Starting sometime later in April, you will be able to reserve the ball machine for hourly periods up to seven days in advance.

At all times, ball machine use has lower priority on a court than regular tennis play by either members of the public or the Club.

The ball machine should not be used when the courts are wet. Wet balls clog up the mechanism.

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Summer Season: Apr. 1 - Oct. 31, 2016

In addition to the regular tennis activity, listed under the Schedule tab, the Club organizes a number of special events: round robins, tournaments, social events. Some of these are free for Club members, others require a small fee. These events and the date and time of the annual general meeting are listed below.

Saturday, May 7: Round Robin.

Note about all Round Robins. They are played on the Springwood Courts, start at 9:00 am and last until about 11:00 am. Please be at the courts by 8:45 am to register and to allow the organizers time to schedule the play order. Participation is free to all members. Three rounds (or possibly more, depending on participant numbers) will be played, 8 games in each round, with a reshuffling of players within each group of four after 4 games. Rainouts will be held Sunday at 9 am. For the detailed Round Robin Rules, click here.

Saturday, May 14: Comox Valley Davis Cup Tournament. The Comox Valley Tennis Club is inviting us to this country-themed team tournament which promises to be hilariously entertaining. For details, please see the April 2016 Newsletter under Club Info. You will also find info there on how to sign up.

Saturday, May 28: White Cap Classic Tournament. Cancelled.

Saturday, June 4: Round Robin and Lunch. A light lunch will be served at courtside following the Round Robin. All members are welcome, whether participating in the Round Robin or not. The lunch is free.

Saturday, June 25 - Sunday, June 26: ATC Oceanside Open Tournament. Men's and Ladies' doubles. This event is open to all comers, members and non-members. Fee: $10/participant. The fee includes prizes and refreshments. The tournament format will depend on the number of participants. The registration deadline is Wednesday, June 15. To register, email Don Lefler or call Evie Seeton at 250.228.1509.

Saturday, July 2: Round Robin.

Wednesday, July 13, 11:30 am: ATC welcomes Comox Valley Tennis Club. Hosting the Comox Valley Tennis Club for a special lunch and friendly social tennis event at the Springwood courts. Play will be mostly mixed doubles, with each side composed of one member from our club and one from their club. Matches will be 30 min. Arrive at the courts by 11:30 to sign in and welcome our guests. Games will start at noon, and lunch will be served at 1 pm. Play will resume after lunch. Phone Paul Arnell at 250.729.1271 if you plan to attend, but you are free to change your mind at the last minute.

Saturday, July 16: Round Robin.

Saturday, July 23: ATC Mixed Doubles tournament in compass format. The tournament will start at 9:00 am and will last until about 1:30 pm. You play with the same partner in all rounds, no one is 'knocked out'. Everyone plays three rounds, but as rounds progress teams are matched with other teams of similar skill level. A final fourth round will determine the winner among the two top teams. There is no entry fee for this tournament.

To sign up for the tournament, click HERE. You can sign up as a team or individually. The sign-up system will determine a partner for you, but note that people who sign up as a team have priority if not everybody can be accommodated. Instead of signing up here on the website, you can email Don Lefler and he will transfer your name(s) to the online sign-up list. This way, the online sign-up list is a complete list of registrants. The deadline for signing up is 7:00 pm on Wednesday, July 20. If bad weather means the event has to be canceled on Saturday, it will be rescheduled for Sunday, July 24.

Saturday, August 6: Round Robin.

Saturday, August 20: Round Robin.

Sunday, August 21 - Sunday, August 28: ATC Club Championship Tournament. Ladies' and Men's Singles, Ladies' and Men's Doubles, Mixed Doubles, most likely in that order. Entry fee: $5. To register, please contact Don Lefler by Thursday, August 18. Entry fee: $5 per participant and per event.

Sunday, August 28, 5:30 pm, End of Season/Awards Dinner. Held at the French Creek Harbour Grill. Cost: $25/person. You can send a cheque, payable to Arrowsmith Tennis Club, to

Petra Janusas
507 Gallery Close
Qualicum Beach, BC
V9K 1C9

or give a check to Petra or Martine when you see them on the courts before Aug. 13. Please let Petra know if you require a vegetarian option.

Saturday, September 3. Final Round Robin.

Saturday, October 29, 1:30 pm at Oceanside Place: Annual General Meeting.


Starting in May and continuing through much of September, the Club has tennis for juniors (age below 18) every Tuesday from 3:00 to 5:00 at the Springwood courts. This is an opportunity for juniors to have fun playing tennis while developing their skills. One or more adult Club members will be present to assist and give hints. Participants will have to become Club members and pay the annual fee of $10 on their first day of participation. One can join at any time. For more information, please call Jill Trelawny at 250-954-3474.

Juniors may also participate in the Club's other regularly scheduled tennis activities as listed on the website under Schedule and in special events like Club tournaments as listed under Events.

Club Membership and Fees

Arrowsmith Tennis Club welcomes players of all ages and abilities. We are happy to arrange for introductory games with current members. There is no obligation for the first two sessions. For more information please phone or email:

Sue Wilson, Membership Director

Benefits of joining the Club include Round Robin mixers and other tournaments, social events, online reservations for some courts, a program for juniors, and use of club equipment like a ball machine.

The annual club membership fees are $35 for adults and $10 for juniors (under 18 years of age). Members receive a club shoe tag, which allows them to play at the times reserved for our Club. (See Schedule.) Fees are due in April. Anyone joining at a later date pays the full amount for the year.

To join the Arrowsmith Tennis Club, see Sue Wilson or Garry Kaita at the courts. You may download the membership application form by clicking HERE. (The form will be displayed in a separate window. The controls needed to download the form will pop up when you move the mouse to the bottom of the window.)

If you are already a member and all your information is current, there is no need to complete another form. Sue Wilson and Garry Kaita will accept cash or cheques (made out to Arrowsmith Tennis Club) at the courts and distribute shoe tags. Alternately, please mail the completed form along with a cheque made out to Arrowsmith Tennis Club to this address:

Box 166
Parksville BC
V9P 2G4

We look forward to seeing you on the courts!

General Information About the Arrowsmith Tennis Club

October 2015 - October 2016 Executive

President: Paul Arnell

Vice President: TBA

Secretary: Erica Monderman

Treasurer/Membership: Sue Wilson

Social Program: Petra Janusas

Tournament Director: Don Lefler

Junior Program: Jill Trelawny

Communication: Jim Cameron (email)

Past President: Frank Johnston

October 2015 - October 2016 Officers (not on the Executive)

Court Maintenance: Paul Arnell

Assistant to Treasurer (fee collection): Garry Kaita

Website: Hans Laue

Membership List

Click HERE to see the up-to-date membership list with phone numbers and some email addresses. If you wish to have your email address added or deleted from the list, please call Hans Laue (250-594-1786) or Sue Wilson (250-248-7280).

Newsletters and Phone List

Click HERE to see or download the most recent Newsletter and earlier ones and also the Club Phone List from July 9, 2016. Note, however, that the Membership List above gives the most up-to-date information about membership and phone numbers.

Email Notices to Club Members

Most of our members are now being contacted by email. Please contact Jim Cameron at if you have email and are not being contacted in this way or if you are changing your email.

You can also contact Jim about any other Club matters by using the email address above.

Court Maintenance by Club Members

Throughout the year, but especially in the fall, leaves and needles need to be cleaned off the courts. The Club is assisting the City in this task and is asking for volunteers who together with others will help maintain the courts in good condition. Paul Arnell (email) will coordinate the activity. To sign up for a two-week period, click here.

A leaf blower, brooms, garbage can, and squeegees are available in the Storage Room at courtside. Ask a member of the Executive for the key combination.

Sunshine Lady

April Whitman is our Sunshine Lady. Phone No. 250-752-7008. Please let April know if someone is ill or if there is a bereavement in the family, so she can send a card.

Racquet Stringing

Mike Bellis (250-713-2229) lives in Nanoose Bay, is available for stringing all year, and can provide same-day service.

Murray Hough (250-753-0048) - Available for stringing all year. He also offers next-day turn-around at the courts during July and August (Monday to Friday).

Tennis Lessons

Evie Seeton (250-228-1509) is a member of our Club who is a certified instructor. She will give individual or group lessons to interested Club members. Give her a call.

Alan Oslie (250-954-0471) is a member of our Club with experience in coaching juniors and adults, including our juniors and beginning adults who may become Club members. He is available for private and small group lessons at times to be mutually agreed. Give him a call.

Murray Hough (250-753-0048) offers private singles or group lessons at noon through July and August.

Gordon Verge is a qualified instructor. Call Gordon at 250-594-2000 for single or group rates.

Ball Machine. The Club has a Silent Partner - Edge Star ball machine which is available to all members (juniors only with supervision of an adult member). Members must have received instruction on how to use the machine before using it for the first time. Contact Paul Arnell at 250-729-1271 for instruction. For information about the machine, click User's Manual.


The Springwood School parking lot must NOT be used by tennis players during school hours.

Club History

1975 - The Qualicum Beach Tennis Courts were built. Louise Dwyer was on the Recreation Commission and instrumental in pulling together the funding by means of a of 1/3 Town, 1/3 Rotary, and 1/3 Provincial grant.

1978 - The Qualicum Beach Open Tournament was started.

1983 - The Arrowsmith Tennis Club was formed with Fran Jones as the first president and Meep Verbrugge as a major organizational force. 66 members. The Club was based in Qualicum Beach with some play at Ballenas High School. There were a morning of ladies only, a fun day of mixed play, and a singles ladder. Some current members, Christine Aubin, Louise Dwyer, Jim Henderson, George Klimek, Stan Saunders, Rita Stevenson and Dorothy Watson, were among the original members of the Club.

1984 - Presidents Betty Gerbracht and Louise Dwyer. 43 members.

1985 - 1989 - President Jim Martin (35, 68, 34, 56 members).

1990 - President Noel Edwards, 65 adults, 5 juniors.

1991 - President Judy Wood, 128 adults, 38 juniors. This was the first year in which there were tournaments for Club members only - juniors, adults, and seniors (over 55). These tournaments attracted many new members. The junior boys tournaments had under-14 and under-18 events and attracted 24 in singles and 14 pairs in doubles. There were singles and doubles ladders, regular round robins (at Beach Acres). New also was an "Open" junior tournament, with other clubs attending. The Club was incorporated.

1992 - President Judy Wood. 114 adults, 57 juniors. There was an opening junior tournament at the beginning of the season in May and a final junior tournament which attracted 36 entries including 9 girls.

1993 - President Kathy Sturrock, 125 adults, 41 juniors. Judy Wood organized a Ladies B Interclub league.

1994 - President Kathy Sturrock, 114 adults, 40 juniors. Casino night raised $11,000 for new courts. The Ladies B Team won the island championship.

1995 - President Frank Scott, 114 adults, 6 juniors. The first "I Can't Believe I Won This Trophy" mixed tourney was held. Judy organized a fall mixed Interclub league and Arrowsmith won. The "Open" Junior ceased.

1996 - President Robert Stovall, 117 adults, 10 juniors.

1997 - President Robert Stovall, 94 adults, 2 juniors. Club casino raised $14,000. The Club offered $30,000 to Qualicum Beach toward building new courts - declined. The Mixed Team won Mid-Island league.

1998 - President Glenn Simpson, 100 adults, 8 juniors. The Club contributed $34,550 toward the addition of three courts at Springwood in Parksville, with the proviso that the Club get preferential use of court time. The final round robin was played on the six Springwood courts October 18.

1999 - President Glenn Simpson, 93 adults, 8 juniors. The Club times of Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and men's Sunday mornings were moved from Qualicum to Springwood and the fees raised from $20 to $25. (A few members preferred not to move and formed a Qualicum Club). The Qualicum Open became the Arrowsmith Open and moved to Springwood. The Mixed Team won the Mid-Island league. A second ladies team was entered in the Interclub league.

2000 - President Bruce Pepper, 108 adults, 1 junior.

2001 - President Louise Dwyer, 107 adults, 7 juniors. Gordon Verge started junior strategy sessions. The Mixed Team won the Mid-Island league.

2002 - President Louise Dwyer, 126 adults, 7 juniors. A club e-mail account was set up to provide improved communication with members. The Ladies B Red Team wins the Mid-Island league.

2003 - President Bob Urquhart, 120 adults, 21 juniors. A storage shed was built at Springwood at a cost of $4450. The website was developed to better publicize Club activities. The Ladies B Red Team won the Vancouver Island championship.

2004 - President Bob Urquhart, 128 adults, 18 juniors. Due to organizational difficulties, the Arrowsmith Open tournament was canceled, effective starting 2005. The Interclub mixed and ladies leagues too ceased due to the lack of an organizer. Future emphasis is being placed on tournaments for members only.

2005 - President Liz Court, 123 adults, 25 juniors.

2006 - President Liz Court, 118 adults, 23 juniors.

2007 - President Ron Morrisroe, 113 adults, 19 juniors.

2008 - President Ron Morrisroe, 112 adults, 19 juniors.

2009 - President Bob Sage, 117 adults, 19 juniors.

2010 - President Bob Sage, 108 adults, 8 juniors.

2011 - President Dave Chappell, 121 adult members. In Winter 2011, four indoor tennis sessions at the Westwood Club were arranged for 12 participants. A rebound net for practice hitting was installed against the fence on the north side of Court 2.

2012 - President Hans Laue, 123 adults, 1 junior. Westwood indoor play was again arranged in the winter months. Wind screens were added to the south fence. A new court allocation system for the Round Robins was introduced.

2013 - President Hans Laue, 122 adults, 19 juniors (the Club's Junior Program was restarted under Jill Trelawny), Westwood indoor winter tennis continuing, MWF 12-2 sessions restructured (for somewhat more challenging play with both men and ladies participating, starting punctually at noon with court changes every 40 min), online sign-up system introduced for the MWF 12-2 and the evening sessions, our ladies team won the 3.5 mid-Island Interclub League and placed second in the Miele Provincial Tournament, a squeegee that really works was acquired and a keypad lock installed on the locker room to give all members access to court cleaning equipment. In September 2013, the City installed new nets on Courts 4 and 6.

2014 - President Frank Johnston, 116 adults, 24 juniors (the Club's Junior Program continued under Jill Trelawny), Westwood indoor winter tennis continuing, the ladies' team again won the 3.5 mid-Island Interclub League and got to compete at the Miele Provincial Tournament held at Whistler, and a second of the good squeegees was acquired. Fees were raised from $25 to $35 for adults and from $5 to $10 for juniors.

Club Photos

Have a look at photos taken at recent Club events by clicking on the links below.

Awards Dinner at the French Creek Harbour Grill on August 28, 2016

Wind-up Dinner on August 16, 2015 at the Bayside Inn